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Activity and event planning can be a daunting task and many event organisers are not sure if they require any medical cover for their event. As well as regular staff, HSE strongly recommends that you include the visiting public in your first-aid, medical, and ambulance risk assessment. Make sure you will have enough medical assistance and ambulances on site and liaise with your local NHS and ambulance service so they can balance your needs against their local capacity. 

Except for small, low-risk events where ambulances may not be required, and at events where they are not onsite, you may still require onsite medical staff. Where you do not have any ambulances or medical staff onsite, HSE advises that plans should be drawn up in conjunction with the local NHS ambulance service to clarify how patients will be taken to the hospital in case of injury or illness.

The Events Industry 'Purple Guide' includes example medical assessments and guidelines for attendees at an event.

The Motorsport UK Industry 'Blue Book' includes medical assessment guidelines for motor sport events.

The Sports Grounds Safety Authority's 'Green Guide' includes medical assessments and guidelines for sporting events.

Working with the HSE, the Event Industry 'Purple Guide' for event planning, the Motorsport UK industry 'Blue Book' guidelines, and the Sports Grounds Safety Authority's 'Green Guide' guidelines, Cross Country Medical can help you to understand your specific needs for medical services at your event by asking you some questions and completing our over-the-phone risk assessment. 

We also provide free medical assessment plans (MAPs) for some events which ensures compliance at a local level, including multi-agency liaison such as contacting local hospitals, ambulance trusts and other emergency services as required by relevant guidelines, on our clients behalf

As an honest and transparent organisation, we will always tell you what level (if any) of medical services you may require at your event. As an event organiser, it is your responsibility and legal duty under current guidelines to ensure that you have the correct level of medical cover in place when hosting your event, and is a requirement for insurance purposes.

Give our helpful and friendly customer service team a call today on 0844 357 5717 or complete our online quotation request form to tell us more about your event and let us help you understand what level of medical services you require at your event and we will also send you our free and no-obligation quotation so that you can consider Cross Country Medical when booking any medical cover for your event.

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