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Our Capability



4X4 Stretcher Rescue Ambulances

Our fleet of 4X4 ambulances are tailored and specifically equipped for use by Cross Country Medical. Not only do they allow for all terrain and all weather capability, but they are able to carry patients across event sites and rural locations to a rendezvous point quickly, also using their blue light capability where permitted. Furthermore, they easily carry our medical teams and emergency medical equipment. All of our vehicles are cleaned, maintained and serviced to a very high standard.


4X4 Rapid Response Vehicles (RRV)

Our Land Rover Sport 4x4 Rapid Response Vehicles carry out the majority of our front-line NHS support services, by transporting urgent blood and organs for transplant under blue light driving conditions across the country. They also carry our medical teams, medical supplies and equipment at events and activities to cover ground quickly and are backed up by our 4x4 Stretcher Ambulances and other specialist vehicles as required.

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Mercedes Box Sprinter Stretcher Ambulances

Cross Country Medical's Mercedes Box Sprinter Stretcher Ambulances are fully equipped with NHS standard medical equipment, including stretcher and wheelchair and provides a clinical environment which can be utilised as a secondary treatment unit or first aid point, as well as move patients on-site to a suitable rendezvous point for further treatment or conveyance to hospital where required.

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Fully Equipped Mobile Medical Treatment Units (MTU)

Mostly used at larger activities and events, our mobile Medical Treatment Units (MTU), complete with a treatment bed and fully stocked with NHS standard hospital-grade equipment, makes for an exceptionally high-quality triage and treatment clinic which can also be utilised as a First Aid centre manned by our First Aiders or as a trauma centre when manned by our higher level of care professionals such as our paramedics and doctors. You can request one of our MTUs for your activity or event (subject to availability), but would usually be included in your quotation for use at bigger events, sites where there are a large number of people, or where there are higher risks. This vehicle is perfect for large sites where there are no medical centres or treatment rooms available.


6x6 Polaris Ranger All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV)

These vehicles are one of the most important vehicles within Cross Country Medical's fleet. Retro-fitted to the same standard as the NHS HART (Hazardous Area Response Team) Polaris Rangers, this 6x6 vehicle is capable of safely traversing steep gradients and terrains to extricate patients via a scoop stretcher, basket stretcher or spinal board, and move them on-site to a suitable rendezvous point for further treatment or conveyance to hospital.


Quad Rapid Response Bikes (RRB)

Our all-terrain quad Rapid Response Bike (RRB) vehicles further our off-road capability by allowing our medics to patrol large areas and carry essential medical equipment quickly over rough terrain to reach patients to deliver urgent medical intervention. With our RRBs we are able to cover larger areas quickly and are backed-up by our other resources such as our 6x6 ATV and 4x4 Stretcher Ambulances where a patient needs to be extricated and moved on-site to a rendezvous point for further treatment or conveyance as needed.


Qualified & Experienced Multi-Disciplinary Medical Team

Our medical team includes:

First Aider

GRADE 3 Medic

Emergency First Responder

First Person on Scene (FPOS)

Emergency Care Assistants (ECA)

Emergency Care Support Worker (ECSW)

First Response Emergency Care Medic level 3 (FREC 3)

GRADE 4 Medic

First Response Emergency Care Medic level 4 (FREC 4)

GRADE 5 Medic

Associate Ambulance Practitioner (AAP)

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

First Response Emergency & Urgent Care Medic level 5 (FREUC 5)

GRADE 6 Registered Practitioner

HCPC registered Paramedic

NMC registered Nurse

GMC registered Doctor


Dedicated Control Room

All of our live resources are managed and coordinated on a daily basis  by our dedicated control room staff, across all our activities around the country. They utilise live tracking and reporting of each of our ambulances and medical staff with our integrated radio dispatch software.
Our control room plays a huge part in liaising with our Medical Team Leaders on the ground and assists our medical teams with our work at larger events and activities. Using What3Words, our control staff can pin-point a specific geographical location and guide our medics to the exact site using our top of the range radios. Our radios operate on the Critical Communications Network, ensuring that our medical staff have a cellular connection at all times, even in the more remote of locations.


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