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To request a free, no-obligation quotation for your activity, venue, or event, please start by filling in the Medical Provisions form below. 


For questions, you can email us at or call our customer service team on 0844 357 5717 (9am-5pm, Monday-Friday).

We will use the information you provide us to conduct our in-depth risk assessment, based on HSE guidelines. For quotes relating to venues and events, we will also further ensure that our quotation includes the appropriate level of resources according to the relevant industry guidelines, including the 'Purple Guide', and the Motorsport UK Industry 'Blue Book' guidelines, and the Sports Ground Safety Authority's 'Green Guide' guidelines. It is very important that you provide us with as much information about your specific requirements as possible, and that the information is as accurate as possible. This is to ensure that we are able to not only comply with legal requirements but also our obligations as a reputable and professional medical service provider. We need to ensure that we're able to provide you with the correct level of resources. We also provide free medical assessment plans (MAPs) for some events which ensures compliance at a local level, including multi-agency liaison such as contacting local hospitals, ambulance trusts and other emergency services as required by relevant guidelines, on our clients behalf.


As a responsible medical company, Cross Country Medical (CCM) UK Limited will not provide any medical services to our clients unless we are completely sure that we're able to provide the correct level of cover to ensure everyone's health and safety.

If you are not sure how to answer some of our questions or if you need any help, please contact our customer service team for support.

Information you provide us is captured and stored securely in accordance with GDPR law and our Privacy Policy

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